1. nickdrake:

    The Fall (2006).

  2. beautifuk:

    chch ‘film stills’, 2014

    these are really low quality screenshots of the originals but you get the jist. hmu if you find this problematic in any way!!

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  3. nevver:

    Time lapse, Panama Canal

  4. It’s alright, I think it’s cool

    everybody’s somebody’s fool

    I don’t wanna be alone

    I wanna be your stepping stone


  5. javariscrittenton:

    we’re barely 30 years removed from the majority of new zealanders arguing that yes, rugby was more important than base level human rights

  6. yo… what?


  7. New room in a new flat in T minus 2 days.

    get me the fuck outta here

  9. powerburial:

    Veer Munshi

    Exhortation in Red Ring

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